Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dementia Pledge for Care Homes, or any service that provides care?


The Dementia Pledge allows any care service to make a public commitment to continuously improving care. You can register your service, download and display the Dementia Pledge logo.

By registering, you additionally gain access to a range of tools for improvement through Care Fit for VIPS.

How will people know I’ve made the Dementia Pledge?


Once you’ve registered, you will receive a copy of the Dementia Pledge logo which you can add to your website, or print and display.

We may also list services that have made the Dementia Pledge on our website, though we won’t disclose what actions you’ve taken.

Who registers: me, my service, or my organization?


Register your care service. If you’re part of a bigger organization, you may be encouraged to sign up by your line manager. However, because it is the individual care service which provides day-to-day care, it’s important that each service makes the commitment for itself.

What is Care Fit for VIPS?


Care Fit for VIPS is an online toolkit to support care services to develop person-centred care. It’s free and easy to use. The Dementia Pledge uses Care Fit for VIPS to help record and capture continuous improvement.

Do I have to do anything once I’ve committed to the Dementia Pledge?


Making the Dementia Pledge is an ongoing commitment. How you develop your service is always up to you, but these great tools can help you. Care Fit for VIPS gives you the tools for improving your service, and the Dementia Pledge gives you an exportable record of the developments you’ve made. You can share that record with regulators, customers and even the public, to show just how active your commitment to continuous improvement is.

My care service is part of a bigger organization which is signed up.
Does this mean my service is already registered?


Care services register individually, even if they are part of a bigger organization. If you manage an individual service, we believe it is up you to register that service.

What happens to my personal data?


Registration information

You provide some basic information about yourself and your care service. That information is held by Equip 4 Change CIC and Crystal Presentations. We don’t share that with anyone and if we decide we’d like to do so in the future, we’ll contact you for your permission first.

Care Fit for VIPS

Care Fit for VIPS enables you to store information related to your service – self-assessments and improvement cycles for example. That information is encrypted and is only accessible to you or anyone you share your username and password with. Even we can’t access that information.

Who operates the Dementia Pledge?


The Dementia Pledge is operated by Equip 4 Change CIC and Crystal, on behalf of Care England. The Dementia Pledge was written by a team of organizations working with Care England

This is a public commitment. How is it monitored?


Your commitment is public, but the work you do to meet your commitment is as public or as private as you want to make it. We recommend you use Care Fit for VIPS to regularly publish a record of your continuous improvement. This shows the people with an interest in your service how you are developing your care.